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i-logs SRL

The Elevator pitch

Brussels based company specialized in Web development, managed hosting and outsourcing towards SME. As we are friendly, straight-talking professionals and as we have a competitive pricing model, people usually refer to us as the affordable geeks !

You will appreciate to work with us if:

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→ Custom web applications

We support our clients throughout their web/api/mobile projects: upstream thinking, strategy, ergonomics, implementation, maintenance and evolution.

→ Cloud Hosting

Put our expertise in virtualized data centers to benefit your websites and online applications. We take care of the security and optimization!

→ Outsourcing

Free your company's IT. We develop tailor architectures, we manage the network infrastructure for you (firewalls, mail servers, File servers ...) and we back our clients in their growth.


We have some big names in our loyal customers*:

Sodexo Pass Belgium, Sodexo Luxembourg (lu), Befimmo, FACQ S.A., Daoust S.A., mBrussels Village, ets Jacques Delens S.A., Meterbuy, Afrique Telecom (fr), Versus Production, Sodexo Pass International Belgium, Galactic, ...

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i-Logs SRL - M Brussels Village

Rue des Palais, 44
1030 Schaerbeek
P: +32 (0)2 880 88 01
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VAT: BE0897.281.771