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We are curious and inquisitive by nature. Our blog is a vehicle for our musings, observations, thoughts, technical debates and discoveries. It also shows insights into our daily jobs.

Faille de sécurité critique Remote Desktop (fr)

Faille critique du protocole RDP sur les systèmes d'exploitation Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 et Windows Server 2003
published by i-Logs Support Team on 21/05/2019

Contingency explained to our customers (en)

Why we charge some of our projects with a contingency period and why we believe it is an asset for our customers
published by Grégoire Welraeds, managing partner at i-Logs on 18/04/2018

Erlang User defined types (en)

This is just a quick note to myself about Erlang custom types, just because I wanted to define my own types and use them in a Erlang script…
published by Grégoire Welraeds, managing partner at i-logs on 26/03/2018

Problème réseau OVH (fr)

Le réseau du prestataire OVH en Europe a été coupé suite à deux incidents techniques
published by i-Logs Support Team on 09/11/2017

Alerte Ransomware Dans Les Medias (fr)

les medias belges ont relayés une alerte sécurité suite à la propagation massive de malware de type ransomware
published by i-Logs support team on 01/02/2017

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